1670 Painting Reveals Proof Of Time Travel?


Apple CEO Tim Cook has sparked major controversy this week during Amsterdam’s Start-Up Fest Europe, when he claims a 1670 painting shows proof of time travel as the portrait seems to show a man holding an iPhone.

Cook was referring to the painting of “Man Handing a Letter to a Woman in the Entrance Hall of a House,” by Pieter de Hooch and says “It’s tough to see but I swear it’s there!”

Some have suggested that the man in the painting was sharing with the woman an email message he received on his phone, hence the title, suggesting it was not an ordinary letter but probably a  letter via an electronic medium and many have remarked about the strangeness of the painting and the enigmatic title,  wondering what the artist had in mind that inspired the painting.

Some conspiracy theorists have even wondered whether Cook’s statements are a veiled admission that Apple has been conducting secret time-travel research.
Source: Inquisitr

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