17-year-old finds new way to stop bleeding

A tube of Vetigel.

A tube of VetiGel.

The future of rapid response medicine is here.  A special gel created from algae has caused quite a stir online.  The kicker?  It was invented by someone who wasn’t even old enough to get into a rated-R movie.  It’s called VetiGel and it’s purported to help deep wounds stop bleeding within seconds of application.  The way it works as described by its inventor Joe Landolina, is similar to the way LEGO blocks link together.  When the gel is applied to a wound, even a rapidly bleeding one, the polymer structure of the gel re-assembles into a mesh, a wall of microscopic Legos of sorts that quickly creates a strong barrier to the bleeding.

On inventing the framework for the gel Mr. Landolina describes himself as a tinkerer and at the time he had an abundance of algae as a working source of research which is when he first noticed the re assembling nature of the materials.

After an extensive test phase VetiGel has now become approved by veterinarians for use on animal wounds.  As for the future of his astonishing invention, Mr. Landolina and his team are actively working toward approval for human application in the military and emergency medicine markets within the year.  Even further down the line Mr. Landolina sees VetiGel being used in the process of wound healing, wound regeneration, and even drug delivery.

The entire project is still somewhat in its infancy but it does hold promise for the future of rapid response medicine.  Imagine a world where victims of stabbings or soldiers suffering from shrapnel injuries have the opportunity to have their bleeding wounds plugged almost instantly.  A world where police officers shot in the line of duty simply apply a dose of VetiGel, with little to no added pain, and are left with the chance to return home at the end of the day.

The future is now.

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