Flying Saucers for Everybody! 1954 Magazine Prediction


In the 1954 issue out of Mechanix Illustrated, the magazine printed a superbly great work named “FLYING SAUCERS FOR EVERYBODY!”

This excellent brief piece illustrated the way flying disks would improve laborious commutes throughout far-out period in 1965.

The main article also has numerous terrific schematics and also comprehensive solutions of the disks technician, Mr. Peter Nofi: The disk was in fact designed by Peter Nofi, an official from the Merchant Marines. Nofi, an obsessive student of aerodynamics, had bundled the downward jet power of this ducted-fan aided by the recognized rule of high-lift air-foil.


We recognize that a fan will function considering that using it, men and machines have actually been elevated in physical form straight into the atmosphere from the modest power of outboard motors. In line with his low-cost school of thought, Nofi promises to include the upper and lower parts of his saucer stamped out on a press, using a plastic-type material bolstered by glass “flock.”

This technique, today effectively employed by small boat manufacturers, are likewise suited for the servo-flaps, fuselage and other elements. Encapsulated together with the interior vehicle’s gas tank spar, conduits, and so forth .., in position, the hollow wing then will be filled with a foamed synthetic mix of which cures in to a stiff, air-filled sponge or cloth.


It replaces pricey internal framework and additionally converts the wing into an unsinkable life-ring for emergency aquatic landings. Produced in higher quantities, the plastic-type craft ought to cost you no more than our current mid-sized listed cars. Could possibly be that by 1965 you’ll be getting one hovering out of your back yard, likewise!

It needs to be noted that modern research in home-based flying craft’s have yet to fulfill the past’s tremendous guarantees.

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