3 Creatures You’ve Never Heard Of

Take a journey through the natural world as DM News looks at 3 interesting creatures.

Original comic art by R. Cook, for Dark Matter News

3 Creatures You’ve Never Heard Of

Are you an expert on the cryptid animal kingdom? 

Everybody loves monster stories, but there’s no denying that our culture has elected certain “pop stars” when it comes to cryptids. Bigfoot, Nessie and the peace-sign-flashing Gray have become icons and ambassadors for the study of the unknown. However, if one looks deep enough, monsters have been mentioned throughout much of recorded history. If the Dark Matter News team has learned one thing,  it’s that obscure creatures often have the most interesting stories.

Several illuminated texts feature illustrations of the strange “Sciopod” reclining on it’s back, it’s mono-foot raised in the air like a sun-shade. Known as the “Shade Foot,” these weird creatures are mentioned in several places throughout history. Pliney the Elder made notes on the creatures (from second-hand sources, it should be mentioned), saying that their powerful kicks were enough to bring down big game.

The “Tokoloshe,” active in South Africa and Zulu lore, is  known for it’s massive genitals. Local superstition holds that if one places bricks under the legs of one’s bed, the tiny demonic creature will be unable to climb up into the sheets and run amuck.

As for the Twitter Troll,  why not tweet your feelings on that particular beast?

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