Congresswoman – Homicide Leading Cause Of Most Murders In America

Sheila Jackson Lee seen above vilifying police officers as she demonstrates the proven false premise ‘hands up don’t shoot’ lie being pushed by thuglike organizations like blacklivesmatter, and the Al Sharptons of the world.

Houston – Texas (Satire) Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee [D-Houston] presented a not so formal mass media conference where she announced that her current administration, via great efforts and much expense, had finalized a decade-old analysis which centered on the main cause of killings in north america. The lady was stated as saying that the final results were definitely largely going in the direction of “homicide” being the actual prime cause of the killings. This congresswoman has been cited as stating,

“Datas uncover today give us a clearer portrait of a couple of possible cause for murder, but let’s be clear.. Changes in the atmospheres and combustibles also play a roles in how peoples are behave. By continuing homicide and climate changes we are ascend ourselves to vulnables, and we cannot deny that, Nor shall we, Nor shall I, Nor shall we all, So say we all. End homicide and end climate change, and we end murder. THIS, we know.”

Source:  Story originally appeared on The Habanero of Texas

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