Police: Fight over frequent flatulence lands Florida woman in jail


PORT ST. LUCIE, FL – This stinky story comes our way from the sunshine state. A Florida woman landed in jail after fighting with her husband who kept passing gas.

Police tell WPEC-TV that Dawn Meikle, 55, elbowed her husband after he passed gas in bed early in the morning on December 11th. She eventually kicked him out of bed after the flatulence wouldn’t stop.

Donald Fitzroy Meikle told police his wife, Dawn, elbowed him on the arm when he passed gas in bed. This happened early in the morning on Dec. 11. Meikle said she eventually kicked him out of bed because his flatulence wouldn’t stop.

Woman-holding-nose-fart-shart-smellMeikle tells police that he held his wife down for her own safety during the struggle. The victim said his wife let him back into bed. He passed gas again, according to the report, and she started to kick and elbow him again. Meikle said he held his wife for his own safety. During the struggle, she suffered a broken lip and he suffered several scratches across his chest.

Dawn split her lip during the fight. He has scratches across his chest and a ripped shirt. She eventually called 911 at 3:30am.

Police say Dawn also used pepper spray to keep her husband out of the bathroom.

Police arrested Dawn for domestic battery and took her to the St. Lucie County jail.

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