Abandoned Island in the Middle of NYC

In the densely populated areas of New York city, one would never expect to find a tranquil albeit creepy sanctuary with a population of zero. Once populated, complete with a hospital, tennis courts, utilities, every modern comfort. This area is now completely abandoned. How could there be anything, especially an island, that is completely abandoned?

The island is called North Brother Island and is located between Queens and the Bronx. One reddit user came across the island when kayaking with a friend in 2012 from Connecticut to New York. The pictures he took of the abandoned island near New York City are absolutely amazing.

The island was developed in 1885. It was originally used to build a hospital to quarantine and treat people suffering from smallpox and typhoid fever. In the 1950’s it was turned into a rehabilitation center for patients who were addicted to drugs such as heroin.. The entire island has been abandoned since 1963.

After the city closed down the hospitals they tried to sell the island to private investors in the 70’s but the cost of construction, transportation to the island, installing a sewage system, and the noise from Laguardia airport discouraged anyone from buying it. In the 80’s they tried to build a prison on the island but scrapped the plan because it was cheaper to build in upstate New York.

This lonely island is slowly taking back the land that was used, one inch at a time.

Would you willingly wander this abandoned island? At least you can do that safely from the comfort of your own home here at Dark Matter News.

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  1. Lita Perna says:

    Ghost hunters would likely find an embarrassment of riches here.
    Some brave souls should camp out on this island overnight.

    Such a waste. Sad. There’s just got to be a developer with money and imagination.

    Thank you.

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