Alert Bay Left wondering if Sasquatch is in town


For more then ten years now Alert Bay a town in northern British Columbia in Canada has been kept up with some strange sounds.  Many residents of the town believe the sounds could be a Sasquatch. There even have been some sightings of the Sasquatch. Many residents claim to have seen a tall hairy humanoid character who can rub very fast. A group of students who was playing soccer at at a local park seen a creature run behind a group of buildings. Some residents also believe they have found Sasquatch foot prints. A world renown investigator has headed to Alert Bay to investigate. Here is a report by Ctv news in British Columbia on the Sasquatch. ctv report. Could Sasquatch be in the town ? I guess only time will tell. Keep it locked to Darkmatter news for more information as it becomes available.


Aaron Nagy


I have been in radio 13 years. I enjoy the radio industry and the paranormal.

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