Angel Seen In Church Fire Smoke

A new photo is causing quite a stir online as it depicts what appears to be a blue luminous angel floating in the smoke above a church fire in Ohio.

Courtesy Bret Knicely

Courtesy Bret Knicely

The night was alight in Ohio last week as a suspicious fire ripped through Faith Church on Old Chillicothe Road in Fayette County.  Flames licked 20-feet into the air and the heat of the fire combined with the hot, humid night made it especially difficult for firefighters as they battled the blaze well into the late night and early morning.

During the chaos Bret Knicely said his son snapped a photograph that appears to show an angel-like figure hovering just about the fire.

I think it’s giving us a sign of some sort

said Knicely.

Offering some sort of explanation for the blue “angel” Joshua Hobbs said it could either be a high-powered flashlight or possibly an optical illusion brought on by a mixture of high heat and the metal materials that were in the church structure itself.  Hobbs and his investigators have a tough job, since much of the roof collapsed into the building.  “When you get the roof completely burnt off, it’s a little more difficult and it’s overwhelming to not only fight and put out small pockets of fires, but it’s also tough to investigate as well.”

There has thus far been no word as to what caused the fire, or the cost of property loss but the entire area has been roped off with police tape and a demolition crew was called in to assist the investigators.  Finally, in commenting on the angel theory, Dobbs said this:

Bibles always survive the worst fires, so I won’t question anything in terms of the church.  I wouldn’t put anything past that possibility.

Check out the picture in question above and let us know what you think.  Is it a flashlight?  Heat and metal?  Or was there a divine hand at play?  Join the conversation below and on Facebook, and on Twitter using the hashtag #DMTalk.

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