Another Fireball Seen Shoot Across The Sky Caught On Dash Cam


Another fireball was seen shooting across the sky, this time in Australia and this time, caught on film.

This incredible video that was uploaded to YouTube by ClearSkiesTV, made the news when an Australian man captured the footage on his dash cam, of a meteor catching fire in the earth’s atmosphere, flashing downward toward the ground.

Viewers remarked on the video, saying “this meteor must have been fairly large to be this easily visible while there was still plenty of light in the sky from the setting sun and the light pollution from a busy area of Sydney.”

A UFO flying 50 to 100 times faster than a normal aircraft’ was reported in Australia, last month in the same time frame as this latest sighting, and despite many viewers being unconvinced by that video, it has yet to be explained.

The user goes on to explain what it being viewed in the video by posting “The object that created this fireball is called a ‘meteoroid,’ a small piece of space rock. Without other photos or videos of the event it is difficult to estimate the size of the rock; it may have been as large as a marble or a tennis ball, and was most likely several hundred kilometers to the north of the dash cam location.”

Source: AustraliaNetworkNews


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