Another Video Of Possessed Woman Surfaces



In yet another terrifying video of a woman possessed by a demon has surfaced on YouTube.

While the video starts off relatively calming, you can see and hear two women talking, in Spanish.

The woman dressed in white, questions why the other will not answers her saying the girl was “not the same” and questioned why. When she got no response, she added, almost knowingly, “it’s because you’re dead”

The girl then starts to repeat “he hears me, he hears me” and when the woman in white responds with “He hears you, look at who you are” the girls rage ensues.

The woman had to be restrained by several men as she thrashed around as people appear to repeat incantations and light candles, while she speaks in tongues on the bed.

By the end of the video, she comes around and clutches at her throat.

Source: Mirror.Co.UK

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