Archaeologists Scan Beneath The Great Pyramid Of Giza


Past decades have seen scientists underestimate the importance of investigating ancient sites, but now a team accompanied by Egypt’s famed archaeologist Zahi Hawass are testing a new subatomic scanners on the Great Pyramid of Giza, in hopes of unlocking answers to the 4,500 burial structure.

For more than a decade Hawass held the position of antiquities minister but after a 2011 usurping, had downplayed the usefulness of scans on ancient sites, saying that they have never  found anything important.

However, since the scanner was first set up at the site last year, thermal scanning has  identified a major anomaly in the pyramid.

Three adjacent stones detected at the base of the pyramid registered at higher temperatures than  others and now Hawass has been appointed by the Antiquities Ministry to head the team that will review the scan results.

Hawass stated “It’s running right now, and if it manages to detect one of the three chambers we already know exist inside, then we will continue the scans.”

He went on to add “You need Egyptologists to oversee all this, otherwise mistakes can be made. I hope these scans will help us obtain accurate information,” he said, adding that he believed another burial chamber remains undiscovered inside.

Source: TheStar

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