Art Reflecting Life: Supernatural Predicts The Future?

An Angel and a Demon walk into a bar…yes it sounds like the set up to a joke but it was, in fact, the set up of a very interesting scene in last week’s CW cult hit, Supernatural.

We look to movies like Back To The Future and others to see if art can influence life, and I believe Supernatural may have done just that.

Season 10 ended with Dean Winchester smiting the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, Death and unleashing The Darkness unto the world. Season 11 starts with our heroes trying to figure out how to fix the damage they have brought about. Again.


Dean turns Death’s scythe against him (CW)

Now any fan of the show, to which there are many, will be able to understand the following recap and while some may question what that has to do with the future unfolding before our eyes. However, by having an interest in a topic such as this indicates that the reader is coming into this with an open mind. A fact that gives me hope.

I am obviously a major fan of the show, but the scene that really caught my attention was the scene that started as a corny joke set up. The truth of the matter is, the Demon was already sitting at the bar. And it may have given the viewer a hint at things to come.

Last Wednesdays all new Supernatural, Season 11, episode 3 – The Bad Seed had a scene half way through in which an Angel walks into a bar. There is a Demon sitting there and they naturally sized each other up. Usually this is the point of the show where an incredible fight breaks out. The part we all wait for. This time however, things were very different.


The Angel sits beside the Demon and orders a drink. Then they begin to talk. The Demon asks if the Angel can “feel it” The Angel says “yes”. The Angel asks if the trouble is coming from “downstairs” The Demon says “no”. The Demon asks how the Heaven is reacting. The Angel confirms they are just as scared as those that are in Hell are. The Angel and Demon realize that in the grand sceme of things, they are in this together.

Yes, that sounds nice but the premise of course is pretty out there. But go with me here. Let’s change the words “Angel” and “Demon” for any two opposing religions. And let’s change the term “The Darkness” to any truly global attack.

Just for fun, let’s change “The Darkness” to “An Alien Invasion”

It seems more and more now a days, that people are having feeling of impending doom. People feel “something is coming” There are end of time predictions every other day, Preppers in abundance, and new breaking news from NASA that is the thing science fiction is made of. We have more and more chemtrails leaving something in the sky from whatever reasons, we now have images of cities appearing over largely populated areas, all over the world. What if the government is preparing to hoax an alien invasion on the world? Proof of life from anywhere other than Earth would shattered beliefs all over the world. It would crush nations. It would essentially be “Us against Them” Just like The Darkness coming to destroy everything in its path, could an alien invasion truly bring us together?

It sounds like the beginning of world peace, which sounds wonderful and unrealistic at the same time, but tragedy brings humanity together. However, what if world peace isn’t the end game? What if it is just the first step to bring about a New World Order. To think an Angel and a Demon can work together against a real threat to their very existence in a television show is one thing. But in the alternate scenario, we could be happily running towards a New World Order, hand in hand. It sounds like the perfect plan to me. The greater question is, will we be too afraid to see the truth? Will we be so blinded by fear, that we will run to the safety of Big Brothers arms? An embrace from which we may never escape?

Time will tell…unless Supernatural already has!


An Angel and a Demon sit down at a bar…(Supernatural – CW)

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