Asteroid expected to safely pass Earth on December 24, but conspiracy theorists disagree



If you point your telescope towards the skies this Christmas Eve, you will be met with an impressive sight.It won’t be Santa and his reindeer stealing your gaze, instead it will be a giant asteroid flying past Earth.

The 2km long asteroid, known as 2003 SD220, has been monitored since 2003 when it was discovered by the Lowell Observatory Near-Earth Object Search program.

The prospect of a large asteroid hurling towards our planet sounds terrifying, but there is little cause for concern as it will be 6.7 million miles away from Earth. In fact, a NASA report said the asteroid would come closer when it passes Earth for a second time in 2018.“The 2015 apparition is the first of five encounters by this object in the next 12 years when it will be close enough for radar detection,” the report read.Despite its distance from Earth, stargazers should still be able to spot the asteroid if clear, cloudless skies permit.

Not everyone seems to be buying the story, however, with conspiracy theorists suggesting the object hurtling toward Earth is actually something far more deadly.

Source: Asteroid to fly past Earth on Christmas Eve

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