Bigfoot Hunters Discover ‘Lost Creature’

A creature thought to be extinct was captured by Bigfoot Hunters in California. (Bluff Creek Project)

A creature thought to be extinct was captured by Bigfoot Hunters in California. (Bluff Creek Project)

Bigfoot Hunters Discover ‘Lost Creature’


Enthusiasts on the prowl for the elusive Bigfoot caught a rare glimpse at another creature, thought by conservationists to have been ‘lost forever’ to extinction.

The Bluff Creek Project, a group of Bigfoot hunters, laid out camera traps around Bluff Creek, site of the famous Patterson-Gimlin film, in an attempt to capture a clearer image of a Sasquatch once and for all. Instead, what they found was another seemingly-elusive creature: the Humboldt Marten.

Still, this find comes as no surprise to the curious naturalists.

“Truth be told we have been catching glimpses of them for years. Our cameras are set about two feet off of the ground and the triggers are not set to fire on small animals. The only reason we captured this one is because the camera had malfunctioned. We had rushed in to Bluff Creek last October after filming the Lenny Green music video (Patty where are you now). I knew this might be out last shot to visit the film site since the gates were closing soon. I convinced Robert Leiterman and Steven Streufert to hike in with me in the dark to service the MK Davis site camera and the Plug camera, and also install two brand new units I has recently purchased.”

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