The Birthmark Of Earth Has Been Found In Canada



Geologists believe they have found the original “birthmark” of Earth…and it’s in Canada.

University of Maryland Professor of Geology Richard Walker and his team have discovered a original material from the birth of Earth that was produced 50 million years ago and then never again.

Researchers theorize that the mantle under Baffin Island off the coast of northern Canada did not experience the same tungsten-removing iron separation that the rest of the mantle experienced during the collisions that destroyed or homogenized the rest of early Earth.

The previous belief was that any material from the planet’s original mantle was destroyed or changed beyond recognition by collisions with space bodies during the formation of the solar system.

Walker theorizes that these materials were brought to the surface during volcanic eruptions  60-to-120 million years ago and only now detected by devices that can identify the tungsten-182  isotope.

He said “What we’ve found are surviving parts of Earth’s primitive mantle that have been preserved for four and a half billion years, and I think that’s kind of exciting!”

Walker hopes to uncover more Earth birthmarks and that it will lead to a better understanding of the formation of both the planet and the solar system.

Source: Mysteriousuniverse


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