Black-Eyed Children Encounters

Encounters With Black-Eyed Kids

The children approach quietly, yet forcefully. They insist on coming inside your house to use the telephone or to get a drink of water. For some reason these children frighten you, and as your hand reaches up to open the door you see why. Their eyes are black. No iris, no whites, just an empty, soulless void.

Tales of Black-Eyed Children began appearing on online forums in the late 1990s. I published my first article on Black-Eyed Kids in 2008 and since then I have seen reports of these entities go from rare to common.

Explanations as to what they are include alien/human hybrids, demon-possessed children, and cryptoterrestrials. Regardless of their origin, one thing is certain – they’re terrifying.


An anonymous poster to my blog “Black-Eyed Children” said he battled one in the woods.

“It appeared in the form of a fifteen-year-old girl,” he wrote. “I noticed its pure black eyes. It was forceful, then aggressive. Somehow my fear changed to anger.” Anonymous said this “girl” had rows of shark-like teeth, and as it moved closer to him, “the black eyes seemed to become even darker.”

Whatever these entities are, the fact is people around the globe are encountering beings that look human, but are something else, something dark. Finch thinks they’re feeding off us. “Sorry, no alien/human hybrids. No demonically possessed school kids. No horrors from beyond time and space. (They’re) monsters,” Finch said. “Don’t let them in, don’t try to make friends with them. They aren’t Ann Rice or Twilight, more like Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy – monsters that look like people.”

Update: A listener “Melissa” sent the following photo in stating that these kids may be aliens.  It says they come from the constellation Vela, near the star of Suhail Al Muhilif.  It says they grow up to six feet tall and can live for up to 200 years!  Very hard to detect them generally as they can shape shift.   But when that shape shift they can change everything except the size and color of their eyes.   It warns that they can an do abduct humans and are the oldest living species.

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