Blind Man Sees Again After 40 Years Thanks To A Bionic Eye Transplant

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A Texas man has had his vision restored after 40 years of blindness thanks to a bionic eye implant.

John Jameson was born with perfect eyesight, but due to retina damage cause by infection and  further vision reduced by botched laser eye surgery this pea sized telescope was successfully implanted into his eye and astonishingly, he was able to read again clearly within 4 hours of the procedure.

Jameson is one of only a handful of patients to receive the bionic eye since it was approved by  the FDA less than two years ago.

The implantable miniature telescope itself was developed by Vision Care and employs  wide-angle micro-optics in a Galilean telescope design and can magnify images in front of the eye up to 2.7 times their normal size.

These bionic eyes are being utilized as part of the Centra Sight system.


Source: Mysteriousuniverse

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