Brits Report Eight-Foot Werewolf Roaming City

Courtesy: Hull News/Getty

North of London in Hull, several eyewitnesses have reported sightings of what they describe as a werewolf.

One woman claims to have seen it turn from man to beast, stating: “It was stood upright one moment.  The next it was down on all fours running like a dog.  I was terrified.”

A couple claim to have seen “something tall and hairy” eating a German Shepherd dog next to Barmston Drain.

Charles Christian, author of “A Travel Guide To Yorkshire’s Weird Wolds“, commented that when you get multiple sightings combined with a tradition of stories going back centuries, it is hard to ignore the possibility that something might be there.

Locals plan a werewolf hunt with cameras and recording equipment at the next moon.

Source: Express

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