Can You Communicate with Ghosts?

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Talking to Ghosts

Do we all possess the ability to communicate with the spirit world? Many mediums think so and teach others how to develop their own inner intuitive skills. There was once a belief that only people who have psychic or extra sensory abilities from childhood can communicate with the spirit world but this is no longer true. In fact, some mediums didn’t realize their spiritual skills until adulthood.

“In my mind it is something that comes easier to some than others,” said medium and author Exie Susanne Smith.

Her abilities came naturally from childhood which were at first somewhat frightening.

“I was 12 when a ghoulish figure came out of my closet. He was wearing a cloak with the hood up so it shadowed his face but I could tell it was boney and grayish in color. I had been sensing things for a few years before but didn’t realize what it was. I talked to God and this figure started to recede into the closet, I kept talking to God until it went away,” said Smith.

Even for people who develop intuitive or extra sensory abilities at a young age, still have to work at them like any other skill.

“I improved upon them by tuning into them. Practice is important. Like it is with anything,” Smith explained.

“We used to use the term, ‘woman’s intuition’ or ‘gut feeling.’ Those are good terms for the everyday person to tune into and realize they have abilities. Learning to tune into those abilities will allow someone to tune into spirit/ghosts. Everyone has had gut feelings on an event or a situation. I think this can happen for people by following the steps. You cannot skip steps. Like the steps involved in mourning a loss, how someone goes through it, varies from person to person,” Smith said.

Medium Exie Susanne Smith

Medium Exie Susanne Smith


Although there are varying ways in which people report communicating with the spirit world, Smith says that she can see, hear and sense spirits.

“I see spirit in several ways. I see shadow play, full spirit in living color all of them or part, full black shadows. I also see and feel the energy of them. The visual looks like a vortex or tornado of swirling air. I have also seen a spirit cat in mist form just before he appeared in my mind as an orange and white striped tabby cat,” she said.

Some people are proof that we can develop these intuitive abilities later in life.

When medium Rick Waid was 39 years old it was the first time he actually tapped into his medium ability. He went to a house in an attempt to communicate with spirits by asking them to close the door and recorded on video the door closing in response.

Medium Rick Waid

Medium Rick Waid realized his spiritual abilities later in life.

As a child, Waid said he wasn’t interested in the paranormal world but suffered from sleep walking and night terrors which he now believes were actually spirits communicating. As soon as Waid embraced his paranormal abilities he stopped experiencing the sleep issues.

“A lot of people are too busy in their lives and they’re not listening, they need to take the time to listen to what’s being given to them because it’s given to everybody they just don’t listen,” says Waid.

Waid now teaches others how to tap into their abilities through social media like Facebook. He goes to locations that are known for being haunted and posts pictures online asking people what they see in attempt to hone their intuitive skills.

“You’re opening doors that you never really opened. And the more that you open the more that you are able to see. You have to open up, practice and make an effort. A lot of people don’t actually do that. They will try once and then give up,” he said.

Waid didn’t give up on sharpening his skills as a medium which opened up doors in his life he could never have imagined such as public speaking all over the country and working on missing person and murder cases which he talks about in his latest book, Awakening of a Seer. His book describes his progressive journey as a seer to help others better understand the highs and lows of psychic ability development.

Want to communicate with the other side?

      According to an article by Erin Fitzgerald here are a few tips on tapping into your own skills.

  • Keep a dream journal by your bed side so that you can put your thoughts down as soon as you wake up.
  • Take in as many new places as you can as well as meeting different kinds of people and write down what you feel and see in your own perspective. Observe even the tiniest details of these moments and write them down.
  • Close your eyes and use your other senses to observe the word around you.
  • Take time out to meditate and quiet the mind to keep it clear of distractions to notice what may not be so obvious.

For more information on these mediums’ own spiritual journeys check out their books today.











Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith

Before having 3 lovingly rambunctious kids, Kelly Smith worked as a reporter and copy writer for various newspapers and magazines. Having a passion for the paranormal field, Kelly is the lead investigator and co-owner of the Winnipeg Paranormal Group. She combines her passion for journalism and the paranormal in search of the truth.

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