Can The Next US President Bring Us Disclosure?


While most of us are aware of Hilary Clinton’s campaign promises of teaming with John Podesa, in uncovering the truth in regards to UFO’s and the existence of extra terrestrial but new claims now suggest that not even the next president will be granted access to that kind of highly sensitive information.

FORMER senior US national security chief Christopher Mellon says access to such programs such as the country’s alleged secret database of UFO intelligence reports, said to contain details on the mysterious military base Area 51 in Nevada, are flatly refused.

Mellon said “Officials like John Podesta and Secretary Clinton can easily serve for years in senior positions and be avid consumers of classified intelligence analysis but never obtain access to DoD’s compartmented programs, which mostly relate to new weapons systems. Information about such programs rarely leaks because it doesn’t circulate, unlike the constant stream of leaked information regarding classified intelligence activities.”

Although Mr Mellon said “While a few new, previously overlooked documents might turn up, I do not believe they would resolve the UFO issue or provide significant new insights” he went on to suggest that “If Clinton really wants to get to the bottom of the UFO issue, I think she should  officially task NORAD with collection and analysis responsibility. Simultaneously, she should assign the Office of Science and Technology Policy the job of reviewing available evidence, coordinating with other countries and providing scientific assessments and recommendations.”

Source: Express.Co.UK

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