Canada Presses For Disclousure


This weekend, for the first time is Canadian history, a 3 day conference is taking place in Brantford Ontario, that highlights an open public examination and investigation of the truth behind the UFO reality.

A HEARING ON ET DISCLOSURE will not only be a comprehensive public examination of the reality of the UFO phenomenon but it will reveal how the former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and Minister of National Defence, The Hon. Paul Hellyer and six of the world’s foremost experts on unidentified flying objects plan to expose and bring to an end a decades-long governmental cover-up.

The panel includes Winnipeg’s own Grant Cameron, who said just last week, “They are also encouraged by the fact that Hillary Clinton has said she’ll reveal what she can about the subject if she is elected president – unless it threatens national security”


Cameron said “We need openness on this issue, it’s time to stop playing around. It’s important because, if you look at the implications, the aliens are giving the message that we’re destroying our world, and that we’re not the only fish in the fish bowl.”

Cameron recently won two international awards for his research of presidential files on extraterrestrials and he firmly believes that evidence of UFOs can be found in American files.

The Hearing’s research and development team has received specific documentation from NORAD that Canadian CF-18 jets have chased and have intercepted these unknown craft in Canadian airspace and reports a yearly average of 75 intercepts were made over the last five years.

This NORAD document also specifically states that a yearly average of 1800 unknowns have been tracked by NORAD over the five years.

Alien Cosmic Expo event organizer, Bob Mitchell said “We want the Canadian government to do more on this and if they don’t, they’re part of the cover-up”

bob mitchell

The panel will be discussing UFO sighting reports, The crash at Roswell, NM, in 1947, Official government UFO documents obtained through FOIA and the Canadian Access to Information Act, what U.S. presidents know about the UFO/ET issue, alien abductions and documented international UFO incidents over U.S. and UK military and nuclear installations.

A Hearing on ET disclosure will reveal how and why government, military and intelligence agencies at the highest levels of governance on the planet have known about, discussed, analyzed and sequestered information on the UFO phenomenon for over 65 years.

Both Cameron and Mitchell will be joining us live Monday, June 27th, 7 pm PST / 10 pm EST on


Sources: WinnipegSun  AlienCosmicExpo.Com

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