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Man Falls 18,000 Feet From Burning Plane – Survives

On the evening of March 24th, 1944, 21 year old Alkemade was one of seven crew members in Avro Lancaster B Mk. II, DS664 of No. 115 Squadron RAF.  RAF gunner Sergeant Nicholas Alkemade was sitting in the tail-end of a Lancaster bomber when a German fighter plane opened fire. They were returning from a 300 bomber raid on Berlin, east of Schmallenberg when DS664 was attacked by a German Ju 88 night fighter.  It caught fire and began to spiral out of control. His parachute had gone up in flames! Preferring to die by impact rather than burn to...


Sinkholes May Take Texas Down

Two giant sinkholes are now approaching a dangerous size, and threatening the lives of their respective local residents. The west Texas towns of Kermit and Wink, are watching these massive sinkholes get even bigger, after major oil production stopped, leaving underground cavities that are causing the surface to collapse.   Wink Sink No. 1 and Wink Sink No. 2, as they are referred to as, have not only residents but scientists extremely concerned, leading geologists at Southern Methodist University to commission a satellite, to take overhead pictures using interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) to detect changes that aren’t visible at ground level. West...


Could NASA Have Miscalculated Data On Asteroids?

Serious and potential terrifying allegations have been brought up against NASA, claiming their data released on asteroids is “basically all wrong.” Nathan Myhrvold, a former Microsoft chief technologist, has just published a paper in Science magazine, stating that “NASA’s statistics on the size of these asteroids is riddled with errors, none of their results can be replicated. I found one irregularity after another.” Although the chances are only around one in 10,000 of these errors causing any devastating catastrophe like an asteroid impact, Myhrvold says they made mistakes, such as ignoring the margin of error introduced when extrapolating from a...


Dark Thirty Radio – May 24th, 2016

Downing Of EgyptAir 804 Caused By Outer Space Interference? Two reports from Europe have come in with theories involving outer space interference for the downing of EgyptAir Flight 804. The first report comes from Turkey, where two airline pilots have claim they saw an object with green lights pass by their passenger jet, an hour before and 500 miles from where 804 went down. A second report coming from the Russian Ministry of Defense claims EgyptAir Flight 804 crashed due to the aircraft being struck by debris from a large meteorite. The Kanopus satellite observed the meteorite slamming into the...


Downing Of EgyptAir 804 Caused By Outer Space Interference?

  New claims are coming in from across Europe, stating strange phenomenon was seen before the crash of the ill-fated EgyptAir The first report comes from Turkey, where two airline pilots have claim they saw a UFO flying  over their plane just an hour before MS804 crashed. The pilots reported to local media that they saw an object with green lights pass by their passenger jet as they approached Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport from Bodrum at around 11.30pm on Thursday. As the Turkish aircraft traveled at an altitude of 17,000 feet, the pilots say they told air traffic controllers: “An unidentified...


Residents Of A Mexican City Fear The Worst After Possible Meteor Explosion

Residents in a Mexican city awoke in terror as reports of a bright light in the sky followed by a thunderous noise lead to fears of the local volcano erupting. However, many witnesses suggest it was most likely a meteor, which caused windows to shake and a  loud explosion like sound to be reported. One witness reported “There was a light that shone for a couple of seconds like it was daytime and then there was tremendous thunder.” while another stated “We thought it was an earthquake, but it wasn’t. We were truly terrified.” Officials said Popocatepetl volcano had not...


Material From A Four Million Year Old Asteroid Found

  Scientists at  Australian National University’s Planetary Institute have uncovered evidence of  a gigantic asteroid that crashed into Earth billions of years ago. Earth and paleoclimate scientist Andrew Glikson said “The impact would have triggered earthquakes orders of magnitude greater than terrestrial earthquakes and it would have caused huge tsunamis and would have made cliffs crumble.” Scientists conclude that the impact could have been even more devastating than the collision that’s thought to have contributed to the decline of the dinosaurs some 66 million years ago. The researchers think that this asteroid would have measured between 20 to 30 kilometres...


Frozen Planets May Get Second Chance At Life

  Astronomers now believe that currently frozen planets may become habitable once our sun dies. A team from Cornell University in New York are suggesting that as our sun swells hundreds of times in size, they could warm up frozen planets and provide suitable conditions for life. According to Lisa Kaltenegger and her team, when our Sun starts to swell up into a red giant, the ‘goldilocks’ zone of our Solar System will shift from around Earth’s orbit to include the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn instead. Team member Ramses M. Ramirez explained “When a star ages and brightens, the...


Delete Your Facebook Now

Delete Your Facebook Now. Facebook is a false reality. It is creating insecurities and anxiety in people of all age groups. It drains valuable time from your life. If you are a facebook addict, you need to ditch it quickly. Improving yourself as a person, not just a male of the species, requires forgetting about facebook.


Massive Sinkhole Takes A bite out of Australlia

A sinkhole at Inskip Point in the Australian state of Queensland devoured a car, caravan and camping trailer in late Saturday night, and around 400 people who were camping in the area were evacuated. According  to 9 News in Australia The sinkhole was roughly 300 feet wide, 300 feet long and 10 feet deep. Casey Hughes told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the sinkhole sounded like thunder, and when it began, a woman ran through the campsite waking campers to alert them about the need to evacuate. Officials said there were no injuries during the incident, and some of the campers left...


Mysterious Pink Clouds Blankets Chinese City

Locals from China’s large cities are becoming progressively accustomed to red warning signaling of which its dark grey air is now too dirty to breath. What form of signal should be given if the air covering ones city would be pink?  Atmosphere the color of pigs is nothing for you to squeal about as the residents of Nanjing in eastern China discovered last month. While Beijing along with other northern towns, cities have been blanketed underneath hefty smog at the red caution stage, Nanjing’s skies in the latter part of the night time abruptly turned bright pink. A dual feeling of...

Catastrophic California Gas Leak Could Take More Than Three Months To Fix

Catastrophic California Gas Leak Will Take Months To Fix

A natural gas leak in Aliso Canyon, California, has been spewing out 50,000 kilograms (110,000 pounds) of gas every hour for more than two months, and officials say it could take another three to four months to bring the situation under control. The leak first occurred on October 23, when the casing of a gas storage well operated by Southern California (SoCal) Gas failed. Strangely, the cause of this failure is not known, and attempts to stop the flow of gas by pumping liquid directly into the well in order to seal the rupture have been unsuccessful. In a desperate...