CCTV Captures Video Of Woman Possessed By Demon


A terrifying new video has been uploaded to YouTube which seems to show a shopper become  possessed by a demon has many viewers puzzled.

A CCTV supermarket surveillance camera in China, showed a woman walking down an aisle, where a box behind her falls off the shelf, inexplicably.

As she stops to turn and place it back on the shelf, you can visibly see the change in her body, as she starts to shake uncontrollably and drops to her knees.

As a bystander reaches out to aid her, she lets out a blood curdling scream, which throws the onlooker backwards.

Suddenly, a man takes change telling two others to hold the woman’s arms and he performs some kind of cleansing ritual and as the woman slumps over, everyone falls backwards away from the  woman, the camera distorts and a hanging sign shown hanging in the corner, begins to moved back  and forth, as if a strong wind had blown by.

As they all regain their composure, and lead the elderly woman away,  the box that started this whole thing off falls to the ground again.

Source: Mirror


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