Chaos Unfolds in Spain Floods

Courtesy of Twitter (@LauraSalPer)

Courtesy of Twitter (@LauraSalPer)

Another, yes another, powerful storm has now caused severe flooding in several Spanish towns, washing trucks and cars down along their tight streets.

Still reeling from the hailstorm last week, which we earlier reported on, the small town of Adra, in the Almeria province of Andalusia in southern Spain is picking up the pieces after a massive flood ripped through its streets.  With over half a meter of water fallen in some places, at least 30 people trapped in their vehicles needed rescuing.

But this wasn’t the only Spanish town to see devastation.  More than 300 emergency calls were made across Malaga, Almeria and Jaén provinces on Monday afternoon alone, after Spain’s national weather agency, Aemet, issued severe storm warnings for much of southeastern Spain.  The floods were heavier than Andalucia’s residents have seen in many years according to the Olive Press.

Courtesy of Twitter (@InfoEmerg)

Courtesy of Twitter (@InfoEmerg)

Seven Granada roads were cut off, and the northern Almeria train service was also suspended temporarily while the road to Malaga airport was closed due to flooding.

Courtesy of Twitter (@DiarioSUR)

Courtesy of Twitter (@DiarioSUR)

The airport itself saw flooding, causing workers to leave large buckets throughout the building to catch some of the leaky spots.  Overall, 11 flights due to land in Malaga airport were diverted to Sevilla and 1 was redirected to Madrid.

The Spain floods have also been reported in the popular Costa Blanca resort of Benidorm, where several key roads were under water and resort stayers and locals were seen enjoying the sights while lying on inflatable pool toys.

There are 3 confirmed deaths at this point, the 1st was a 61-year old man, whose car was swept away in the rushing flood waters in Polopos-La Mamola.  The problem is that many of these older Spanish towns lack adequate flood drainage, resulting in the above mentioned images.

With the rash of recent European storms, many of which being the worst in many years, how do you feel?  Is this even further evidence of climate change?  Is this just a result of natural processes like El Nino?  Join the conversation below and on Facebook, and on Twitter using the hashtag #DMTalk.

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