Chevron UFO Captured During Atlas-V Shuttle Launch?

Was this a UFO captured during the ATLAS-V Shuttle Launch on September 2nd?

Was this a UFO captured during the ATLAS-V Shuttle Launch on September 2nd?

Did Someone Really Capture A UFO After-all?

Earlier we had reported on the mis-identification of the launch of NASA’s Atlas V Shuttle Launch this morning over Cape Canaveral in South Florida. Thanks to others recording this phenomenon, one user was able to capture what appears to be a CHEVRON SHAPED UFO travelling upward at enormous speeds during the same time frame that the NASA event took place.


While the user seems that he is unaware of the Atlas V launch taking place, he still manages to capture this spectacular video. Keep watching the skies!

What do you think of this interesting aerial phenomenon? Do you have any viable explanations? Could it be a UAV,  hoax, or some other artificially occurring biproduct of today’s shuttle launch?

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2 Responses

  1. John says:

    Watch as many videos of this as you can find. CHOCK FULL OF ANOMALIES!! Red/white orbs, at one point in a video on YouTube even guy filming says, and I quote, “there are 3 dots now” – referring to orbs around the bizarre phenom in the sky

  2. Daniel Smith Daniel Smith says:

    At least the little grey bastards didn’t shoot it down.

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