Cloaked Figure Sparks Rumors In N.C. Community

The image is creepy enough, but the information being passed along with it is much worse. Photos of a cloaked figure reportedly leaving raw meat near a Gastonia playground went viral online.

According to online posts, the mysterious pale figure “sparked fear among locals after it was reportedly caught on camera standing outside an apartment complex in Gastonia, North Carolina, dressed in a dark cloak.” Police say they have looked into the case. Investigators met with the manager of the Hudson Woods Apartment complex last about the photo.

Screen Shot 08-24-15 at 08.20 PM

The two photos, that appear to have been taken through a window, with blinds in the foreground.


The rumors said the person donned a “floor-length, hooded attire. Their identity and gender are unknown.” The photo also claimed that the “figure had been dropping meat near a local playground.”

Officers could not confirm that the photo actually came from the playground near the apartment complex.

“It could have come from anywhere,” she said. “We don’t know if this is some bogus prank someone is playing.”

Lance Calhoun, director of operations for Southwood Realty, the management company that runs Hudson Creek, had few answers as well.

“We don’t know if it’s one of our residents with an interesting way of presenting themselves, or if it’s a trespasser,” he said.

But some who live in the apartments want answers.

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  1. magick727 says:

    Looks like your “every-day witch” who happens to be crafting in the bible belt…or the simpler solution, someone who dresses different and is baiting their lost cat. Either way, this is Reason #57 why I’ll never live in Charlotte.

  2. magick727 says:

    but… no offense intended to native Charlottean “Keith Laney”.

  3. Daniel Smith Daniel Smith says:

    Someone needs to investigate further.

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