Tonopah, Nevada: Motel Is Dedicated to Clowns

Are YOU brave enough to spend a night here? The creepy motel in Nevada which is dedicated entirely to clowns!


A clown-themed motel in the middle of the desert sounds a lot like the perfect setting for a classic horror flick, but the Clown Motel is actually very real. For decades, it has been catering to truckers, long-haul drivers and tourists traversing the Nevada desert, although those suffering from coulrophobia – the fear of clowns – tend to stay well away even if it means driving dozens of miles to the next town. And for good reason, considering the place is crawling with clowns.

The 28-bedroom Clown Motel off Highway 95 in the Nevada Desert features clown dolls, paintings, and life-sized figures. The motel is next to the early 20th century Tonopah Cemetery.

The Clown Motel is located in the desert town of Tonopah and regularly plays host to truck drivers and tourists. The accommodation is filled to the brim with creepy clown dolls, including ones sitting in chairs in the lobby If this wasn’t unnerving enough, there is also a cemetery located right next door with over 300 corpses buried there.


Only those with nerves of steel should check into this clown-themed motel in the middle of the Nevada Desert. Looking like a set from a classic horror film, the creepy Tonopah accommodation is crawling with clowns of all sizes from life-sized models sitting in chairs to vast collections displayed on shelves. For decades the Clown Motel has played host to truck drivers and tourists who stop off from Highway 95, about halfway between Las Vegas and Reno.


Thankfully for those with coulrophobia (fear of clowns), the 28 hotel bedrooms don’t actually feature the clowns in doll-form. However guests have to drift off gazing up at circus clowns featured in pictures on the walls above the beds, although many people request that these are removed or covered by a piece of cloth.


Despite the fear, the Clown Motel has many positive reviews on TripAdvisor. The majority of guests stating that their stay as ‘very good.’ One of the reviewers who gave the establishment four stars labelled the motel as ‘weird but decent’. They wrote: ‘If you have a clown phobia, this place is not for you.’


And if the themed hotel was not enough to give you nightmares, there is even a cemetery lying right next door which can even be seen from some of the rooms.  Around 300 corpses are said to be buried in the plot, including the bodies of local town residents who died of a mysterious plague.


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