Combat Suit: Future Of Sports?

A team of inventors have created a weapon resistant combat suit they say is the future of sports.

It’s called the Lorica and it’s a high tech suit designed for full-contact weapon combat.  It looks like something out of the video game Mass Effect with its sleek edges, armor covering just about every inch of the body, and of course its black paint job.  It’s being developed by an independent design company called Unified Weapons Master with the goal of creating a new full-contact weapons-based martial arts sport.


Its creators claim it’s much more than a suit.  Sensors built into the individual pieces of armor detect and measure strikes allowing for accurate and objective scoring during fights.

We have patented a combination of technologies to create an intelligent armor and scoring system.  This technology suite objectively measures the force and location of strikes to the armor in real time.  The software utilizes medical research including fracture profiling to determine the level of damage and severity of injuries that would have been caused by each attack to the body.

Biometric data is constantly monitored and a head mounted camera allows for real-time, first-person viewing of the fight in progress.  With its unique design it allows for maximum protection while still keeping a wide range of movement and fighting styles.

When asked about the heavy focus on weapon combat the team had this to say:

Of the 303 distinct styles of martial arts around the world nearly 1/3 of them are weapons based arts.  Until now, because of the risk of serious injury, many of them are unable to be practiced in a full-combat situation.


The team has built and rigorously tested a male version of the suit but already have plans and designs for a female compatible version.

They hope to unveil their first live matches in 2016.

What are your thoughts?  Will this help or hinder the current state of violent sports?  Join the conversation below or on Facebook, and on Twitter with the hashtag #DMTalk.

W D King


Walter king is a sushi enthusiast. A cat lover. A star gazer. An ex-skateboarder, with the destroyed knees to prove it. A local boy raised in Hawaii. He spent much of his youth listening to art bell, infecting his brain with all matter of gray area thought provoking ideas like time travel, collective consciousness, and who can forget: Bigfoot. He's a loving husband and first time father. A movie junkie. A cliff diving, mud slinging, midday dreamer. He also kind of dabbles in indie film production, music production, and photography. He is survived by his unflinching whit and dry sense of humor.

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  1. Theresa says:

    Modern civilization seems barely able to veil its lust for violent conflict, exalting even the mimicry of it as “sports” that allege to brighten the human spirit of competition, teamwork and excellence. Who could argue that mock battles were not preferable to real ones yet the spirit of destruction of each other continues to be encouraged and played to on all levels. Football, as obsessed as the public is, was not enough to satiate the bloodlust. How long until even the armor is shed? When will society cease the worship of violence and embrace constructive challenges inspired by creation instead of destruction? This is the “entertainment” of a barbaric, war-lusting species.

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