Has the Curiosity Rover found wheels on mars and evidence of an ancient civilization on the surface of Mars? Many ufologists seem to think so. Is this object in fact the ultimate proof that life existed on the surface of our neighbor planet in the distant past? Are these the remains of an ancient civilization? It’s nothing new to come across images like this from mars lately. Here, in this image beamed back by NASA’s rover exploring the red planet, we clearly see what appear to be wheels on the surface of the red planet. But hold on a minute, how is that possible? The Martian “Crab-like” creature, the pyramid, the helmet, squirrel, cube, and now wheels on Mars? Lets take a breath. Are all of these “objects” the result of Pareidolia? Or are we not being told something? Has Curiosity discovered the remains of an ancient Martian vehicle on the red planet? It is possible according to many ufo hunters, who claim that Mars was inhabited in the distant past.

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