“Dark Thirty” Fights Music Licensing Travesty


2016 is a changing landscape for small to medium Internet broadcasters who pay royalties to play music, whether 24/7 or even as just a small part of their programming. Some will go away quietly, others more publicly.

It’s definitely no minor issue. This has happened before. Big wigs involved with the licensing of music show their true greedy colors and hand it down to the most vulnerable. There will be a revolt and this won’t last. Mark my words.

Going after a big corporation who uses the artists’ music to tease the audience with requests, promotions and social media traffic is one thing. That’s a warranted increase in my opinion. A little increase for them to stay in business equates to dumping a few coffees down the sink.

Taking down the entrepreneur whose only purpose is to inform an audience and not use the artists as a tease is crippling and may be the difference between even being able to buy a cup of coffee or seeing something you love plummet due to lack of profitability.

This only hurts the little guy to put even more money in the pocket of the 1%.

Will I cry over sour milk? No. Granted I’m not happy, but I really have only three choices: A – Pay the Piper (which is in no way happening), B – Quit (not happening either), or C – Do my own thing (by using royalty-free music).

I am not against paying for the rights to play music for an audience. We have been paying our dues. But the “astronomical” increase does not make economical sense.  You make these decisions in your personal life, and this is no different.

So for now, the show will sound a little different, but only in the music we play.

Here’s how you can help.

Do you make music or know somebody who does? Email [email protected].

Here’s where it gets complex. The artist must own the rights to everything and give us permission to use it.

Jeremy is looking for songs that fit on a paranormal show. Not every kind of genre will, but all submissions will be considered.

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