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Proof Of TR-3B Spacecraft?

A new video, which was submitted to MUFON for review, may be the first actual footage ever recorded of a TR-3B spacecraft.

An unnamed witness who claims to have recorded the fabled craft flying over a major highway, said “Triangular UFO hovered over route 45 in Mantua, New Jersey, and turned on its side over the road, and then flew sideways towards Philadelphia” and described the craft as flying extremely slowly, at just around 10 miles per hour.

MUFON is still investigating the new footage.

Source: Express.Co.UK

UFO Spotted Over Turkey

Numerous sighting have been reported from a small district in Turkey, claiming an object that appeared to be ” both moving and staying still” remained in the sky for 20 minutes.

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Several witnesses say they saw an illuminated object moving erratically in the sky, and one man explained as the family was getting up for their pre dawn meal ” I always look at the sky and watch the stars. I was shocked to see an object that I’ve never seen before shining in sudden movements and changing its color, while it stayed still sometimes, and that the “weirdly moving” object didn’t look like a plane.

Necla Karaca, 39, who witnessed and took photos of the “UFO” added “Our neighbors and relatives also witnessed this. We got excited and became suspicious of the object being a UFO.”

Source: HurriyetDailyNews

Journey To The Fourth Dimension Of The Brain

A new paper has ben published in Cognitive Neurodynamics, which suggests that the brain may have an extra fourth dimension.

Researchers Arturo Tozzi and James F. Peters illustrate what they were looking for and the conclusion they reached by outlining the following;

“How do thoughts flow in the brain? Current advances in neuroscience emphasize the role of energetic landscapes, a sort of functional linens equipped with peaks, valleys and basins made of free-energy, where thoughts move, following erratic and/or constrained trajectories… This review, based on recent findings, introduces the concept of a spatial fourth dimension, where brain functions might take place, as a general device underlying our thoughts’ dynamics.”

Source: DiscoverMagazine

New Video Shows Bewitched Doll Walk On Its Own

A new video uploaded to YouTube has viewers both terrified and intrigued as a footage shows a life-size doll, that walks by itself, but only when holding hands with it elderly owner.

Rosalba Valdez Alvarado, shows the other people in the courtyard that the doll does not have a battery and had not been modified to help it walk like a real girl, and proves to onlookers, that the doll will not walk with anyone but her. Many have tried and all have failed.

The bizarre video was viewed 5.5 million times in just three days and have viewers convinced that the doll is bewitched.

Source: DailyMail.Co.UK

New Plant Confirmed To Have Double-Star System

A team led by astronomers from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and San Diego State University have used NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope to identify the new planet, Kepler-1647b, and even more remarkably, found that it orbits a double-star system.

The planet is also much further away from its stars than any other circumbinary planet, breaking with the tendency for circumbinary planets to have close-in orbits, but instead, its orbit puts the planet within the so-called habitable zone–the range of distances from a star where liquid water might pool on the surface of an orbiting planet.

Source: NASA

NASA Asked To Stop Funding ‘How Alien Life Could Impact Christianity’

Last year, the NASA Astrobiology Program gave a $1.108 million grant to the Center for Theological Inquiry, for a project intended to refresh and expand scholarly and public dialogue on this subject, which is of growing interest due to the discovery of thousands of extrasolar planets and the ongoing search for potentially habitable environments in our solar system and beyond.

However, after Biology professor Jerry Coyne and author of “Why Evolution is True” who noticed the grant earlier this week and looked into it, raised the eyebrows of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, stressing “The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment prohibits any ‘sponsorship, financial support, and active involvement of the sovereign in religious activity,’”

Source: Patheos


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