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Extraterrestrial Response May Not Arrive For Another 1,500 Years

A new study suggests that just because we haven’t heard from extraterrestrial life, doesn’t mean we won’t, it will just take a lot more time than previously hoped.

Astronomy student Evan Solomonides from Cornell University, due to the sheer size of the Milky Way, it could be up to 1,500 years before we can reasonably expect to hear back from any extraterrestrials who’ve picked up our transmissions from Earth.

Although 1,500 years seems like a long wait for a response that may never come, the researchers are quick to add “This is not to say that we must be reached by then or else we are, in fact, alone, we simply claim that it is somewhat unlikely that we will not hear anything before that time.”

Source: ScienceAlert

Another Fireball Seen Shoot Across The Sky Caught On Dash Cam

Another fireball was seen shooting across the sky, this time in Australia and this time, caught on film.

This incredible video that was uploaded to YouTube by ClearSkiesTV, made the news when an Australian man captured the footage on his dash cam, of a meteor catching fire in the earth’s atmosphere, flashing downward toward the ground.

Viewers remarked on the video, saying “this meteor must have been fairly large to be this easily visible while there was still plenty of light in the sky from the setting sun and the light pollution from a busy area of Sydney.”

Source: AustraliaNetworkNews

Physical And Chemical Matter Mixed

Physicists in the UK have just created a new way to manipulate the physical and chemical properties of matter, and could change the way we process quantum information.

Researchers from the Imperial College London, have just mixed a molecule with light at room temperature by trapping a photon, (particle of light) with a molecule in a tiny, golden cage of mirrors.

“The experiment is a test that light is quantum in nature and indeed it showed the quantum effects we predicted,” said researcher Ortwin Hess. “This is a remarkable crossing of theory and experiment. It’s amazing how much nature behaves like the theory.”

Source: ScienceAlert

Did A Drone Capture A Real Life Sasquatch? 

An exciting new video has surfaced, which has many viewers convinced that a real life Bigfoot has been seen and captured on film.

The video was taken by a drone, near a reservoir in Southeast Idaho, and seems to show a hairy, two-legged creature running across a clearing before entering a wooded area and disappearing.

However, Idaho State University professor and noted Bigfoot expert Dr. Jeff Meldrum quickly let his doubts to the authenticity of the video be known to local newspapers.

He pointed out that not only is it unusual for Bigfoot to be seen out in broad daylight, but questioned how the videographer managed to see it from the sky.

Source: DailyMail.Co.UK

A ‘Dog Fight In The Sky’ Reported To MUFON

A very close encounter between a pilot and what he described as a UFO, ensued when the two became engaged in a dog fight in the sky in a report submitted to MUFON.

A pilot from San Bernardino , who wishes to remain anonymous, claims “I encountered an unidentified object at approximately 1,000 feet AGL. The object was going in the opposite direction and passed within 300 feet off my left-wing. It was a metallic orb that reflected the light brilliantly and was approximately the size of a basketball.”

Source: OpenMinds.TV

Scientists Now Show That Asteroids Carried Water To The Moon


Scientists have now proven that the water that was deposited on the moon came for asteroids, and not comets, as previously thought.

Our moon was once thought to be completely devoid of water, as the Apollo missions failed to find any concrete evidence of water in lunar soil samples.

Since then, spectrographic tests from India’s first expedition to the moon determined that lunar soil from within shadowy craters and polar regions contained molecules that could only be due to the presence of water.

NASA is already looking for ways for mining the moon’s surface and extracting lunar water to help with Earth’s dwindling clean water supply and deep space exploration.

Source: MysteriousUniverse

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