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Planet Nine Stolen From Another Galaxy

A recent hypothesis suggesting that the highly theorized Planet Nine is actually an exoplanet  from a neighboring planetary system that our Sun stole from another star is now proving to be a very real explanation to its existence in our galaxy…if it exists at all.

Astronomer Alexander Mustill from Lund University in Sweden, explained that the evidence is based on the strange alignment of rocky objects in the Kuiper belt, which seems to suggest that  some kind of massive cosmic body is exerting a very strong gravitational force on them.

Source: ScienceAlert

Lockheed Martin To Launch “Mars Base Camp”

Lockheed Martin, an American global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies  company has launched its campaign to establish a “Mars Base Camp” in preparation for sending humans to the red planet by 2028.

The training would enable astronauts to perform real-time scientific exploration, analyze Martian rock and soil samples,and confirm the ideal place to land humans on the surface.

Source: Space


Researchers Look For Answers Into Walking Corpse Syndrome

New research into a mysterious and deadly mental illness called Cotard’s syndrome is underway to explain and eventually treat this disorder that causes the sufferer to have any of a number of delusions that range from believing they have no organs, blood or body parts to insisting they are actually dead.

Commonly referred to as Walking Corpse Syndrome, this condition was first diagnosed in 1880 when a patient nicknamed Mademoiselle X, who claimed she was missing several body parts and  organs, including brain, chest, stomach and intestines was first described by French neurologist Jules Cotard.

Source: MedicalDaily

Scientist Urges Humanity To Contact Extrateresrtrials

Phillip Lubin, a scientist at the University of California, who also has ties to NASA, says we’ve got to stop being ‘scared’ of contacting extraterrestrials and that it’s time for the human race to grow some balls and tell aliens we’re here.

Lubin says We have now reached the point in human technological evolution to project our own presence across the entire universe.

Source: Metro.Co.UK


Mark Zuckerberg Hosts A Facebook Live Conversation With Astronauts On Board The ISS

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, highlighting his latest technology in his social media empire, Facebook Live, streamed a 20-minute Earth-to-space phone call  with three astronauts who are living and working on board the International Space Station.

He took questions from the public and the video can be seen on NASA’s Facebook page.

Source: ScienceAlert

King Tut’s Dagger Was Extraterrestrial In Origin

A new study which has just been published in the journal Meteoritics & Planetary Science reveals an incredible discovery regarding one of the daggers found entombed with King Tut.

This 14 inch blade, decorated with a floral lily motif on one side and a feather pattern on the other side, leading to a jackal’s head, was analyzed using a non-destructive technique known as X-ray fluorescence to determine the composition of the dagger at two different places on the surface of the blade.

Their conclusion stunningly suggested it was extraterrestrial in origin.

Source: DailyGrail

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