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Is The Universe Just One Mass Graveyard?

Although roughly 8.8 billion habitable, Earth-size planets exist in our galaxy, we have yet to discover any other trace of extra terrestrial beings and a new study suggests that that is because they have all since died.

Co-authors Aditya Chopra and Charley Lineweaver of the Australian National University based their study on the assumption they had barely had time to evolve stating “We argue that early extinction could be the cosmic default for life in the universe,” and even go so far as to speculate that they never lived long enough to evolve into multi cellular beings, let alone pilot a space ship.

Source: Vocativ.com

A New Study Increases The Likelihood Of Finding Extraterrestrial Life

A new Harvard University study claims carbon planets, made up of graphite and diamond, may have been the “first potentially habitable worlds to form” in our universe, and hinted that life may have originated there in the past, the present or possibly in the future.

Lead author Natalie Mashian states “The work shows that even stars with a tiny fraction of the carbon in our solar system can host planets. We have good reason to believe alien life will be carbon-based, like life on Earth, so this also bodes well for the possibility of life in the early universe”

Source: Wired

Secret Army Experiment Caught On Film

A 16 year boy, from West Sussex, captured footage of what appears to be a mysterious figure, flying hundreds of feet above the ground.

Many viewers were quick to suggest that it was an alien, including Knott himself, as he admits he does believe in that kind of thing, many others are convinced that the floating figure has connections to a secret NASA project named Project Blue Beam.

Source: Dailystar.Co.UK

Brain To Brain Communication Now A Reality

An incredible new breakthrough is being perfected, as researcher have now confirmed brain to brain communication is possible.

Chantel Prat and Andrea Stocco, both researchers at the University of Washington Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences, wanted to see if they could send a message to control physical movement from one brain to another, and by using an electroencephalography (EEG) cap, which records brain activity, they positioned two researchers in separate areas of the campus.

A transcranial magnetic stimulation coil (a device that can emit a focused electrical current) which was positioned directly over the part of the brain that controlled the movement of his finger so that when their colleague Rajesh Rao thought about moving his finger, the signal was transmitted across campus to Stocco who would twitch his finger.

Source: PopularMechanics

Researchers Use Minecraft To Test 

Behavioral psychologists have begun using mazes to study memory and learning in artificial intelligence.

Junhyuk Oh and colleagues at the University of Michigan have begun experimenting with artificial intelligence machines by using mazes constructed in the 3D world of Minecraft.

Oh and his team have created a set of mazes in which they set their AI algorithms increasingly complex tasks, ensuring that there is not always a clean line of site to the blocks and that the algorithm must coördinate its movement and vision to explore.

Source: TechnologyReview


Oldest Known Music In The Universe Just Released

Some of the oldest music in the Universe, released for the first time by a team of researchers of a group of stars up to 13 billion years old.

Led by Andrea Miglio from the University of Birmingham in the UK, he and his colleagues used data from NASA’s Kepler missions to measure stars in the Milky Way’s M4 cluster, and by using an audio technique known as asteroseismology, it measures the oscillations of distant stars, which can then be converted into sound.

Source: ScienceAlert


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