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seti“The Intelligence of SETI” Begins on Earth

Scientists, astronomers, biologists and other researchers gathered Wednesday in Puerto Rico to take part in a day long workshop, called “The Intelligence of SETI: Cognition and Communication in Extraterrestrial Intelligence” to begin strategies on how best to get a message across to any form of extra terrestrial being we may encounter in the future.

Source: Space.com


Proof of 3.5 Billion Year-Old Asteroid Strike Found

Scientists in Australia claim to found surviving particles from an asteroid strike that hit Earth 3.5 billion years ago that were left over after parts of the Earth were vaporized that could have significantly affected the way the Earth evolved.

Source: Atlas Obscura


Nanotechnology May lead Human Life Longevity

New studies suggest that human life extension may become a very real possibility by the year 2029 where medical technologies will be able to add one additional year every year to your life expectancy.

Source: Mysterious Universe


Mass Demonic Possession Alarms Residents Near Peru Elementary School

saint_francis_borgiaDoctors, teachers, parents and now even a parapsychologist have become concerned for the safety and well-being of more than 80 students, aged 11-14, at an elementary school in Peru.

The students started fainting and seizing and all claim to see visions of a man in black coming
to get them.

The school was allegedly built on a Mafia graveyard.

Source: Mirror


Humans, Not Robots, Will Discover Life on Mars

NASA’s Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan said the only way to find the evidence of life on Mars is to send real astronauts rather than robots and she aims to do just that by 2040.

Being a geologist herself, Stofan points out that field geologists here on Earth can study rocks rich in fossil microbes but never see the tiny structures.  Therefore, she thinks robots won’t be able to do the job by themselves.

Source: Space.com


Religious Experience Caught on EEG

imagesDoctors in Israel have recorded the results of a man having a religious experience on an EEG, and what they saw was remarkable.

The readings showed increased activity in the left prefrontal cortex before the “experience”, which was quickly diagnosed as a TLE seizure, collaborating with findings reported by the  Epilepsy Foundation.

Source: Mysterious Universe

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