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The Humans To Mars Summit Makes Plans For 2030

During a three-day symposium, researchers and scientists discussed the very real possibility of getting humans to Mars by 2030 and are now outlining what we should do once we arrive.

The Humans to Mars summit brought together planetary scientists , space enthusiasts and  representatives from both NASA and the aerospace industry to talk about the challenges facing a  crewed mission to Mars and rough ideas for how to get there.

Source: ScienceNews


Mars Approaches

This Monday, May 30th, Mars will make its closest approach to Earth in over ten years.

The “Red Planet” is actually more of a yellowish orange color and you will be able to see its fiery blaze if you look to the lower east-southeast sky on any clear evening shortly after it gets dark any time this week.

Source: Space

Haunted Locations On The Rise

To coincide with the launch of an eerie new thriller called Outcast, premiering on June 7 at  10pm on FOX, the Scare B&B, which was built on the exact spot where Jack the Ripper murdered Annie Chapman, promises the most terrifying special effects ever.

Drawers will fly open, the bed will come to life, bulbs will smash and whispers will plague guests throughout the night as well as a surprise that will create the effects of demonic possession.

Source: DailyMail

In a related story, local businessman Rob Braddick, wanted to live in a real haunted house and now after winning the bid for a former B&B Seafield House at auction for £414,000, he can.

The 12 bedroom Victorian clifftop property in Devon has had claims of strange noises coming from  the property at night, and an elderly lady having been spotted sitting at the window and waving.

Source: PlymouthHerald

Post-Detection Protocols Get Re Vamped

In 1989, a set of post-detection protocols was put into place to guide scientists through the steps after discovery in the event that we do make contact with extra terrestrial and how best to tell the world.

The new protocol is for new scientific projects to set up a blog about their work, that  should include a clear description of what a certain project will do, and what the criteria are  for a successful detection, a false positive and no detection.

Source: TheConversation.com

Videos Of UFO’s Spotted In Broad Daylight Surface

A new video uploaded to YouTube seems to show numerous UFOs flying over a city in broad daylight.

UFO enthusiasts claim these sighting mirror a number of other similar ones recorded in the past year over Japan and the US, thought the date of the footage was not included in the upload.

The video shows up to seven twinkling bright orbs apparently moving in formation over a motorway and separate footage in the same video shows what appears to be the same objects moving over tower blocks and was said to have been filmed over Minsk, Belarus.

Source: Express
A related video has also gotten urologist puzzled as an amateur drone enthusiast caught a 4 second clip of a small white object shooting across the sky.

Viewers speculate that the speed of the object appears to rule out insects or dust from air  pollution as possible explanations and have called for freeze frames to be examined to rule out the use of CGI effects.

Source: DailyStar


Coronal Hole Blackens Half The Sun

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has record incredible footage of a massive coronal hole in the sun that seemed to paint almost half of the sun’s visible surface black.

NASA explained that the sun’s atmosphere is known to scientists as the “cornea,” hence the term “coronal hole” which refers to a  low density region of the sun’s atmosphere.

Though the cause of coronal holes on the sun is still a complete mystery to scientists NASA doesn’t believe it to be a cause for concern, but rather a learning opportunity.

Source: Inquisitr


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