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CCTV Captures Video Of Woman Possessed By Demon

A terrifying new video has been uploaded to YouTube which seems to show a shopper become  possessed by a demon has many viewers puzzled.

A CCTV supermarket surveillance camera in China, showed a woman walking down an aisle, where a box behind her falls off the shelf, inexplicably. As she stops to turn and place it back on the shelf, you can visibly see the change in her body, as she starts to shake uncontrollably and drops to her knees.

Source: Mirror

Does Alice Cooper Believe In Werewolves?

Several reports of a werewolf type creature being seen lurking around an abandoned industrial  area outside the East Yorkshire city center have received a lot of notice from local residents as well as rock legend Alice Cooper.

Cooper took to social media, re-posting a story of these sightings and posed this question to Facebook…

“So there are suddenly several reports of a werewolf like creature near a small town in the UK.
Do you think it could be real?”

Source: Mirror

First Human Thought Successfully Converted To Sound

An incredible new groundbreaking device has just successfully turned human thought into speech.

Professor Robert Knight and colleagues at UC Berkeley are leading the research by studying how  “hearing words, speaking out loud and imagining words involves overlapping areas of the brain.”

Knight explains “We want to develop an implantable device that decodes the signals that occur in the brain when
we think about a word, then turn these signals into a sound file that can be reproduced by a speech device.”

Source: MysteriousUniverse

A computer generated strand of DNA on a black background.

Scientists Try To Recreate The Building Blocks Of Life

Scientists have been trying to replicate the conditions necessary for the origin of life on Earth and now a team from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany released the results of  their study of how RNA may have been at the root of it.

They suggest that a comet crashing into a newly formed Earth could have reacted with existing  compounds on Earth and this mix could have created RNA, a building block of the origin of life and are  now in the process of trying to replicate RNA themselves.

Source: MysteriousUniverse

Possibility Of A New Life Harboring Exoplanet Found?

An exoplanet 12, 000 light years away which was discovered by NASA’s Kepler mission in 2013, has just been evaluated by a team at the University of California, and is now thought to have the essential ingredients to harbor life.

Lead researcher Aomawa Shields says “We found there are multiple atmospheric compositions that allow it to be warm enough to have surface liquid water.”

Very high concentrations of carbon dioxide would keep the exoplanet warm enough to be consistently habitable for the whole year.

Source: ScienceAlert

Will Artificial Intelligence Require Human Right Protections?

Last week, I told you about experiments being conducted to test if machines could feel and react  to pain the same way a human would.

Now mathematician Marcus du Sautoy from the University of Oxford in the UK, suggests as artificial intelligence moves forward, we should be looking at the kinds of moral and legal protections we  usually think of as ‘human’ rights for them.

He explains that “It’s getting to a point where we might be able to say this thing has a sense  of itself, and maybe there is a threshold moment where suddenly this consciousness emerges, and  if we understand these things are having a level of consciousness, we might well have to introduce rights.

Source: ScienceAlert


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