Delete Your Facebook Now

Facebook is a false reality. It is creating insecurities and anxiety in people of all age groups. It drains valuable time from your life. If you are a facebook addict, you need to ditch it quickly. Improving yourself as a person, not just a male of the species, requires forgetting about facebook.

Facebook Tracks Users Even AFTER They Delete Their Account

Facebook Goes Down, People Call the Police!!!

Facebook Now Listens to You Via Your Microphone to Identify What TV Shows & Music You Like

Matthias, a singer who has amassed over 10,000 Facebook followers, made a video explaining why the new feature made him decide to delete the social network. His argument is pretty compelling:

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A retired broadcast engineer, talk show host, news reporter - I have done everything there is to do in the radio broadcast business. I worked a year in television. I left that as my true passion has always been radio - plus I got tired of hearing - you have a face for radio.. I hope you enjoy my articles! Be sure to share them excessively on facebook - like our page and bug your friends with invites!

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