Did GHOSTS cause this castle to collapse?

The mysterious crumbling of one of Britain’s ‘most haunted’ castles is due to angry spirits who objected to the building being turned into flats, paranormal experts believe.

Historic Birkwood Castle, in Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire was formerly used as a psychiatric hospital and is considered among paranormal circles to be one of the UK’s most haunted places.

The dilapidated buildings on the 86-acre estate, which dates back to 1860, are currently being renovated as part of a multi-million project to convert it into a boutique hotel and luxury housing.


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There are also rumours of strange smells, lights turning themselves off and the sound of mysterious footsteps tramping up and down the empty corridors.

Among the paranormal inhabitants, a boy called Michael is believed to stalk the grand spiral staircase where he fell and died.

A young girl’s voice has also reportedly been heard crying and singing from within empty rooms in other parts of the castle.

And it has even been claimed the figure of a doctor who suffered a heart attack and died while working at the hospital has been seen at the huge, sash windows.

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