Disturbing Footage Shows Exeorsism Of Woman Possessed By Jinn


A disturbing video of a seemingly possessed woman, uploaded to YouTube, shows men slapping and burning this snarling woman with matches in an attempt to rid her of an evil Jinn.

As explained by the group that downloaded the video, whose name translates as “It’s the time for the truth” in Islam, the Jinn “are spiritual beings that can attack humans by order of Shaitan or Iblis, the equivalent of Satan in Christianity”.

The footage starts with the woman squirming as two men grip her, one by the wrist and one with his hand over her forehead. She recoils as religious text is recited and hisses in the man’s face.

Th man then lights matches, allowing them to burn out before pressing the hot match heads against her neck, forehead and chest.

Seconds aftr bing forced to drink a glass of water, the woman jumps from the sofa, chest lurching, before she drops back down and lays motionless, eyes open, until the end of the video.

The men in the video claim that this is “a demonic possession and an exorcism or deliverance exercise of a woman victim of one of these evil spiritual beings is shown” although the footage is hard to watch.

Source: Mirror.Co.UK

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