Downing Of EgyptAir 804 Caused By Outer Space Interference?



New claims are coming in from across Europe, stating strange phenomenon was seen before the crash of the ill-fated EgyptAir

The first report comes from Turkey, where two airline pilots have claim they saw a UFO flying  over their plane just an hour before MS804 crashed.

The pilots reported to local media that they saw an object with green lights pass by their passenger jet as they approached Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport from Bodrum at around 11.30pm on Thursday.

As the Turkish aircraft traveled at an altitude of 17,000 feet, the pilots say they told air traffic controllers: “An unidentified object with green lights passed 2,000ft to 3,000ft above us.”

They claim the object “disappeared all of a sudden and said “We are guessing that it was a UFO.” as EgyptAir crashed around 500 miles away in the Mediterranean about an hour later.

The General Directorate of State Airports Authority said it did find anything on its radars that  could be linked to what the Turkish pilots had described.

A second report coming from the Russian Ministry of Defense claims EgyptAir Flight 804 crashed due to the aircraft being struck by debris from a large meteorite.

The Kremlin says that Russia was the first to report on a 10,000 metric tonne meteorite entering  Earth’s atmosphere having issued a warning about the potential danger it posed to aircraft.

The Okno optoelectronic space surveillance complex in Tajikistan sent an alert warning to the ADF that it had “detected/discovered” a near Earth asteroid approaching the atmosphere over  North America at a speed estimated to be around 67,000 kilometers-per-hour and having an  estimated mass of 8,000-10,000 metric tonnes.

The Kanopus satellite observed the meteorite slamming into the atmosphere above the Northeastern  United States.

Footage was captured on video from an American police car in New York and described as a spectacular fireball.

Researchers theorize that EgyptAir Flight 804 flew into the range of this meteorites falling  debris where it was struck by fragment causing an explosive decompression of its structure as they crashed occurred less than 48 hours after the warning was issued to the area.


Source: DailyMail


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