Drake Equation Reinvented With Startling Results



Researchers have reinvented the 1961 Drake equation and came to the mathematical likelihood that the chances of humans on Earth being the only intelligent life in the universe is ten-billion-trillion to one.

Researchers Adam Frank of the University of Rochester and Woodruff Sullivan the University of  Washington both respectively found that if you change the wording of the equation to ask if wither we “have been” the only intelligent life in the universe rather than “are we” the only intelligent life you get the astronomical answer that no, we could not have been the only ones ever.

As Frank explains “By using data from NASA’s Kepler spacecraft, we were able to create a new  equation that uses the knowledge that “roughly one-fifth of stars have planets in ‘habitable  zones,’ where temperatures could support life as we know it.

The scientific approach to investigating other sources of life could change as a result of their findings.

Source: RT.com

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