Did A Drone Capture A Real Life Sasquatch?


An exciting new video has surfaced, which has many viewers convinced that a real life Bigfoot has been seen and captured on film.

The video was taken by a drone, near a reservoir in Southeast Idaho, and seems to show a hairy, two-legged creature running across a clearing before entering a wooded area and disappearing.

The man who recording this incredible sighting claims that he first believed it to be a dog or other animal, but was shocked to realize the figure actually upright and said he remembered thinking to himself ‘wait a minute, that’s not right.’

However, Idaho State University professor and noted Bigfoot expert Dr. Jeff Meldrum quickly let his doubts to the authenticity of the video be known to local newspapers.

He pointed out that not only is it unusual for Bigfoot to be seen out in broad daylight, but questioned how the videographer managed to see it from the sky.

Dr Meldrum stated ‘I had to expand the size of the video to clearly see it on my 22-inch computer monitor, and those screens for drone cameras are usually no bigger than a cell phone screen. ‘How could he have picked up that little speck, and then zoom in and fly directly to the point when it entered the forest?’

The man who shot the video, who has asked not to be identified ‘out of fear of public ridicule’ admits that the drone was high the air when the figure was first spotted, and claims that by the time he lowered it and zoomed in, the creature had gone into the small forest.

Source: DailyMail.Co.UK


In an update to this story, the creator of the above video has come forward to admit the whole thing was a hoax.

The same YouTube user has since posted a new video entitled “What really happened June 2, 2016 Possible Bigfoot in Idaho!!”

The update shows the same reservoir with the familiar figure running in the distance, and when the drone moves in for a closer view, we see someone clearly dressed in a costume. The film maker and his assistant then  hold up a sign that reads, “BIGFOOT, REALLY?” and laugh at the camera.

Source: WeekInWeird

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