Elon Musk to Launch 4,000 Satellites for Rural Internet?

Elon Musk stands beside his Dragon V2 rocket (Independent)

Elon Musk stands beside his Dragon V2 rocket. It can hold a human cargo of 7, and NASA has contracted with SpaceX to deliver manned missions of 6 person-crew missions to the International Space Station through its Commercial Crew Development Program. (Independent)

Elon Musk Plans to Launch 4,000 Satellites for Rural Internet Access

By 2020, Billionaire philanthropist and entrepreneur Elon Musk plans to launch around 4,000 satellites to bring internet access to the most remote areas on Earth, according to an FCC filing, Monday.

Musk’s flotilla will launch through his company SpaceX into slow-moving low orbits of approximately 650 kilometers to improve issues of latency which other Satellite internet providers face. His eventual goal is to improve connections between Earth and sistering Mars colonization projects, but he’s facing some opposition.

21st Century Space Race?

Fellow billionaire entreprenur-philanthropist Richard Branson of the Virgin and Virgin Galactic space empire says that his engineers will likely beat Musk to the punch. According to Branson, there’s not enough space in this area of orbit to accommodate both projects, and that Musk will have to accept defeat. Still, SpaceX beat out the competition as the first commercial space flight to rendezvous with the International Space Station in 2012.

Could we be witnessing a new-era of Corporate ‘Space Race’ heating-up? Who do you think will make it first?

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