ET Contactee Group and ‘Xperiencers TV’ Show Founder: RIP

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RIP Jim O'Connell, Creator and Lead Alien Investigator for the TV Show Xperiencers. Mr. O'Connell mysteriously died in his sleep on September 9, 2015.

RIP Jim O’Connell, Creator and Lead Alien Investigator for the TV Show Xperiencers. Mr. O’Connell mysteriously died in his sleep on September 9, 2015. (Xperiencers)

Alien Contactee Group and  Xperiencers TV Show Founder: RIP

A Tribute to Jim O’Connell, Founder of Xperiencers TV Show

“Got Aliens?”

      The world of the paranormal has experienced a great loss in the passing of Jim O’Connell.  He was the founder of, a group whose purpose was to lend support to anyone who had experienced alleged contact with extraterrestrials.

     Jim O’Connell was a UFO and Alien researcher for over 20 years. He mysteriously passed away in his sleep in his Connecticut home on September 9, 2015.  He was the founder and lead investigator of the new television show Xperiencers. In this show,  a team of investigative researchers travel around the United States to personally interview people who had alleged direct contact with extraterrestrial beings.  This year they were focusing on the American Southwest. They planned to include other regions as the seasons of the show progressed.  

      Mr. O’Connell had stated that there were so many people who had experienced this phenomenon, he had enough material to do the show for years.  Jim said that he did not believe that these events were abductions, but rather,
“contacts.”  He expressed that an alien presence in our world was likely benign and positive.  “They are here to help us,” Jim said.  He was also adamant in insisting that contactees try to view this as a positive force in their lives.  “When people go through the shift in perception from ‘abductee’ to ‘contactee’, they make a spiritual leap,” he explained. 

      One of the women he interviewed early on was a self-proclaimed Arcturian-Human hybrid.  She had allegedly been given a gift of miraculous healing.  When demonstrated, Jim claimed to have experienced immediate healing of nerve damage in his spine from this remarkable encounter.  Many people who had alleged to have experienced time with extraterrestrials also claimed to have experienced ‘healing’ on “physical and spiritual levels.”  

       The philosophy of Xperiencers still remains: that the world needs to “stop labeling contactees” as, “crazy.”  There are numerous individuals making claims of extraterrestrial contact, depicting an overwhelming body of evidence for the alleged phenomena.  Jim collected information from alleged contactees of all walks of human life; everyday people as well as people in government and in positions of fame have reported to have been contacted by extraterrestrials.  He once said, “You’d be surprised who is a contactee and how they felt the Extraterrestrials had helped them in their careers.” He respected the privacy of people who preferred to remain anonymous.

      Jim O’Connell was a great man and he will be sorely missed.  It is not known at this time if filming of the show will continue or not.  We hope that his team will pick up the mantle and continue in the, “Alien Encounter Investigations” that comprise Xperiencers.

Would you want to watch this?

      What would you think of a show like Xperiencers?  Do you think it would be exciting or interesting to see and hear from people who have reportedly witnessed not only UFO’s but also face to face contact with extraterrestrial beings?  Would you watch it?

      We’d love to hear from you!  Please let us know if you want this show to go on.  We will forward it to the other researchers on the team.  Perhaps this preliminary feedback will encourage them to continue Jim’s great work.

Here is the Teaser/Trailer for Xperiencers.  Jim released this just days before he died:

XPERIENCERS Alien Encounter Investigations

This is the support group information.

Alien Contact? Tell XPERIENCERS!

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17 Responses

  1. Donna Carbone says:

    Absolutely they should go forward with the show! It’s time the public is made aware of what has been happening in this world – the time is now!

  2. dan rigo says:

    I would be interested in this show,and the season’s that were to follow,I hope his work is completed.

  3. Jude Keen says:

    PLEASE, please continue on with this show! There is such a need for these stories to get out there into the mainstream so that more people know that contact is ongoing, and has been for many years. More and more people are becoming interested and the ridicule is finally going away. RIP Jim, I’m very sorry to hear of his tragic death.

    • says:

      Jude, thank you so much for your comment. I agree with you that the ridicule seems to be going away from this phenomenon. It just feels like the timing is right on this one. I have contacted one of the team members and have mentioned the great amount of interest in this show continuing. Possibly after an appropriate amount of grieving time the pieces can be picked back up and Jim’s legacy will be carried on. I miss Jim, really he was an awesome person. I had only met him a couple months before his passing and I feel so grateful for that. 🙂 Again, thank you for your comment.

    • says:

      I agree with you, Jude. When we are made aware of not just a few people’s stories (Betty and Barney Hill, Bob Lazar, etc) but of thousands of people’s stories we will gain ground on this. It has happened to so many people now, in families and for many generations and it is all coming out now. The show will be awesome!

  4. David Ray says:

    Sorry to hear about Jim. I hope that the team continues on with his great work. Of course I would want the show to go on, I watch every ET and UFO show that I can. Witnesses like me need a group like yours for support and help with what we are going through. I kept my encounter inside me for so long I was happy to find a group like this that I could share my experience with and hopefully find some answers. I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long that it is too late. Maybe if your team (Xperiencers) doesn’t continue (wish you would), you could refer me to another group like yours. I had just found Jim’s website the day after he died. I was just looking forward to contacting you when I got the news. I wish he could have gone on longer with his research because we (contact experiencers) really need a guy like him and his organization.

    • says:

      David, I appreciate your honesty and candor. You are right, we do need this research, support and show to go on. There is a group on Facebook that is private, so you can be honest and gain some support there. They are very helpful. Jim was also a part of this group. They have 3,450 members and counting. All of the members have had some thing happen along the lines of: ET contact, abductions, UFO Sightings, etc. Here is their group page:
      They’d be happy to have you!

  5. Julia says:

    I was a friend of the late Dr. John Mack, a pioneer researcher in this field who died before his time. John brought a clarity of vision, devoid of overlay of opinion as to “good” or “bad.” I would like to see this show continue. It sounds as though it might have merit.

  6. ZeroDarkRadio says:

    My condolences

  7. Participating Observer says:

    I am in…However. IMO, for the program to gain an auduence, put it on with enough notice to draw. Make sure it is not head to head with a popular program. Easy, just check program air dates.

    Most importantly, air it on the same day, at the announced hour, without fail. Guests (stars) must have the opportunity to talk about the show if they are going to also be a Guest on the Falloopian show, or any late night talk show prior to your program’s air date. Alwsys have the LR piece/bio lead out with the HOOK. “Tonight, Emmy Award winner, Rock Stone, reveals his belief that contact with ET has already made contact with many well known people.” Join Falloopian tonight.

    You would think these ideas are ready planned. I sincerely doubt it. Also a short bio about the (star) guest should be made available to ALL media, and include relevant info as tontheir interest in appearing on your program.

    Networks screw up these simple TO DO LISTS, all the time. Eventually their program will lose their core audience. Anyway, good luck with Rainbows.

    • says:

      Xperiencers is the name of the show, not Rainbows, but thank you for your comment. The show is about people who have made contact with ET’s and have a compelling enough story (with hard evidence) that it will make for good viewing along with furthering more scientific research in the field. Not sure they had planned on having “star guests” unless they have celebrities who have been abducted and willing to talk about it. I will pass your ideas along to the team. I appreciate them!

  8. Mags says:

    I live in Scotland,and have always been interested since I was a young girl,They really need some tv programs,about all this on mainstream tv,Am sorry to hear of you’re friend passing,good luck with everything you do,Love from Scotland

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