First Human Thought Successfully Converted To Sound


An incredible new groundbreaking device has just successfully turned human thought into speech.

Professor Robert Knight and colleagues at UC Berkeley are leading the research by studying how  “hearing words, speaking out loud and imagining words involves overlapping areas of the brain.”

Now, scientists have successfully played back a word someone was thinking by monitoring their  brain activity.

Knight explains “We applied a temporal realignment procedure that improved our accuracy in classifying words that are spoken or imagined. Our work showed us it is possible to capture the  brain signals that represented an intended word.”

“We want to develop an implantable device that decodes the signals that occur in the brain when  we think about a word, then turn these signals into a sound file that can be reproduced by a speech device.”

This will change the lives of those suffering from diseases that prohibit the communication of  thoughts, like those suffering from strokes or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Source: MysteriousUniverse


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