Florida Man: Burglar Who Leaves Surprise in Bar, Arrested

Florida Man: Burglar Who Leaves Surprise in Bar, Arrested

Mugshot of Robert Predmore upon arrest, (Huffington Post)

Mugshot of Robert Predmore upon arrest, (Huffington Post)

A Florida man suspected of breaking into a bar, stealing alcohol, and then defecating on the floor has been caught… with his pants down.

Collier County deputies responded to a 911 call Tuesday evening about a possible burglary at Joey D’s in East Naples, Florida. Arriving at the scene they found 61-year-old Robert Predmore quite literally with his pants down, smelling of alcohol and a foul odor.

The deputies noted thousands of dollars in damage to computers, monitors and the cash register; however, most incriminating, on the floor of the bar they found a bottle of Sambuca sitting beside a collection of human feces.  According to the deputies, Mr. Predmore’s soiled pants matched the evidence left behind at the scene of the crime.

It’s an absolute mess. It looks like a hurricane,” said Marty Kennedy, a co-owner of the restaurant.

There is thousands of dollars of damage. He ripped out all the monitors and computers. He broke the cash register, he was on a mission.”

Deputies claimed they found 8 bottles of prescription pills and some marijuanna in Predmore’s book bag.

Predmore was taken to the hospital prior to a trip to the county jail where he was booked on charges of burglary, criminal mischief, and possession of marijuana.

His bond was set at $12,000.

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