Ghost Hunters investigated a Kentucky Distillery

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S.) recently investigated the Wild Turkey distillery in Anderson County Kentucky. Some employees claim that the founding family members ghosts may be lurking about the plant. A human like figure was discovered in a recent photo and has sparked curiosity.

Wild Turkey employee Courtney Clare told investigators, “You would hear weird things get shifted. Sometimes we would hear laughter. The building was always kind of creepy anyways”.

Other employees claim that the noises may be caused by the ghosts of two men who died at the distillery some years ago.
The group plans to make a few stops in Kentucky for their 10th season of “Ghost Hunters”.

The episode titled ‘ Barrel Of Boos” aired tonight on the SyFy Channel.

Jeremy C

Jeremy C

Jeremy has specialized in the I.T. field since 2003 and has education in many disciplines including Data Recovery and Radio Frequency Electronics. He has been a researcher of various topics for more than 17 years. These subjects include Analytic Theology, Epistemology, Philosophy, Astronomy, Cosmology, Physics, Metaphysics, Natural History, Ufology, Near Death Experiences, and Philosophy of Religion. When not writing for Dark Matter News, he enjoys making electronic music, operating on Ham Radio, and repairing old tube type Shortwave Radios.

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