Ghost Screaming In Haunted Hotel

There’s a fascinating piece of footage on YouTube entitled Ghost Screaming in Haunted Hotel. This video purports to show a Wingate Hotel employee from Illinois entering an empty room from which bone chilling screams can be heard. You can hear his manager urging him to wait till the police arrive, but he investigates anyway. An eerie, white shadow can then be seen leaving the room and making its way down the hallway.

Watch and listen closely as “staff security” in a Wingate Hotel checks on a room where reported screams are coming from.

A security camera appears and shows 4 cameras, one shows an employee who went to inspect a room that has complaints from other people of screaming. The entire time you hear a man talking to John and a female worker. John enters the room and said that the room was trashed and the shower was on.

According to him, people staying at the hotel began calling in noise complaints to the front desk with reports of loud screaming coming from the 2nd floor–particularly room 209. They say that over the years, multiple complaints of “strange noises” were reported to be coming from room 209. This is the only known recording of it. Watch the full video and tell us what you think is going on here.

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2 Responses

  1. Wing Flanagan says:

    I suspect this is a viral marketing thing to whip up buzz for an upcoming movie/TV show/whatever. It smells like it. The music, the intertitles, the pacing – all suggest that it was specifically shot and packaged to catch and hold your attention, but not tax it. In real life, events caught on camera rarely have the quality of a story – introduction, a perfectly pitched ramping up of tension, a dramatic payoff. This video has all of these things.

  2. TaosLeesa says:

    Wowee……..THAT is FREAKY!

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